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Word of Mouth Marketing

"Word of Mouth Marketing" is it new? Just think about this for a second. How did we get business before we had print or before people could read or write. Newspapers although quite old only really started in the late 1800’s. Solicitors were only allowed to start advertising in the UK in 1984 so how did they get business before then? They Networked. They networked very well and networking is part of a “word of mouth” marketing strategy which is a fantastic way to get you the business that you want. For those of you who have not done any networking let me tell you quickly what it is all about. Networking is sharing information with people.  Do you have to go to a networking event to network, no you don’t you can do it on-line, you can do it over the phone, but it works best when you get like minded people together in a room to share information.

Why do we need to do word of mouth marketing? Any kind of advertising is about gathering any customers where as word of mouth marketing is about targeting the specific companies or people that you want to meet. You have no control over who reads, see’s or hears your adverts but you have got control of who your network is looking for to help you get more business.

What we are looking for are personal recommendation or introductions to companies or perspective clients which we are going to call referrals.

The reason we want referral is they are cheap to get as we don’t have to advertise for them. They are easy to convert into a sale because we have been recommended and finally they are usually really good work for us.

Most of us in a business environment do some type of networking even if we don’t know that that is what we are doing. It might just be on Facebook.

How difficult is it to get one of your clients or friends or family to recommend you or refer you to someone else who needs your products or services. It should be very easy but it doesn’t happen.

If every client referred you just once a year your business would double every year.

So why doesn’t it happen.

Here is one reason.

Business is great?

People don’t know that you are looking for more business

When we are out and about the most frequent question business people get asked is “how is business” it happens several times every day for most of us either over the phone, face to face or even by e-mail.

“Hi John how is it going? How’s business is everything OK?

We all reply “business is great”.

If someone says business is great does that make me want to find you more business. I can tell you that when someone says business is great to me I am thinking one of three answers.

A} I am really pleased for you

B} I am very jealous

C} You don’t need any more business

I am not saying that you need to say “business is dreadful and I am thinking of burning the house down to collect the insurance money” but you need to let people know that you are looking for more work.

Whether business is great or not we don’t like other people to think at we might be struggling or need some help. So we say business is great.

I have a friend who is in the print finishing business. When I ask him “how’s business” he usually say’s something along the lines of  “it’s really hard out there at the moment but introductions to a couple of good printers would make life easier”.

Business is good but I can always do more.

Business is steady but an introduction to a firm of solicitors would be great for me.

People also need to do "word of mouth marketing" along with the other companies that provide digital marketing solutions to enhance the possibility of getting quality organic clients which will buy your product and increase your sales.

So I am constantly aware that my print finisher is looking for business so I look for him. When someone says business is great I have no need to look for business for them so I don’t. If you don’t give your contacts something to look for they will not look for it. Have you ever played Hide and Seek? Have you ever played Hide and Seek when nobody hid, it doesn’t work. Getting your network to help you find business only works if they know that you want more business.  You give them something to look for or they will look for nothing. If I don’t know that you want more business I will not be proactive in looking for it for you.