Word of Mouth Specialist

How to turn someone into a referral source?

We have people who recommend us very seldom and some who recommend us not at all and if we are lucky we have a few people who recommend us a lot.

So what makes them different? It could be attitude it could be motivation but more likely it will be information that you have not given them and how often do you contact them. 

To get someone to refer you more often you need to train them to become a Referral Partner. That is someone who goes about their normal working day looking for business for you without having to think about it.

Just imagine a group of people who did that for you every day free of charge and loved doing it for you. What would your business look like? A bit better perhaps or even fantastic.

Firstly you must teach them what type of business is really good for you. Not just OK but really good so that they can find quality opportunities for you. This means they will bring you quality referrals all the time.

Secondly you must teach them how to find introducers for you. These are people who sell complimentary products to the clients that you want. A good introducer could end up being a quality Referral Partner.

Thirdly you need to contact them more often. If you already have someone who refers a lot of business to you, how often do you contact them? It should be at least weekly or maybe even daily. I know people who pass £100K of business to each other. How often do you think they talk to each other?

Lastly, thank them, thank them and thank them again. Take them out to lunch; buy them a pint, flowers, whatever it takes make a fuss of them. If you keep doing that they will keep referring you.

Give it a try. The worst thing that could happen is you get no more business than you are getting now.