Word of Mouth Specialist

Put down your kindle

I was recently sitting on a train waiting to come home from an exhibition in London. In exhibition, I saw cheap trendy little girl clothes and then I had a seat but the train was starting to fill up. That dreaded feeling started in the pit of my stomach. You know the one. Who is going to sit next to me? I tried spreading my stuff out as much as possible which put a few passengers off but it would only work for so long. So I put my stuff away and got out my Kindle to use as a protective barrier and to show the unwanted passenger that I didn’t want to talk.


Then I saw him walking for the only seat left in the carriage, next to me. Then a thought popped into my head. Maybe he’s not a boring smelly lunatic. Maybe I should give him a chance to talk. The conversation was quite awkward at first but by the end of the journey we had swapped business cards and I had 3 referrals for friends of mine as he was involved in construction.

Many of the referrals I get come from casual conversations with strangers such as walking from a plane to passport control, waiting in a reception area and in a crowd at an event.

So before you make that decision to open your kindle. Give them a chance, you might get a pleasant surprise. You may get some business for yourself or someone you know.

If they are boring, you can still get your kindle out later!